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Real Or Fake? Video Of Graeme Swan Opening A Beer Bottle With A Cricket Ball

We’ve seen these kind of videos all too often on the interwebs: vids purporting to be jaw-dropping, incredible displays of athletic prowess only to find out later it was part of some viral marketing campaign. The examples are endless: Roger Federer knocking a can off a guy’s head with a serve. David Beckham kicking soccer balls into garbage cans from an incredible distance. Evan Longoria snagging a batting practice ball moments before it drills a reporter in the noggin. Tiger Woods actually playing golf (I couldn’t fine a recent video for Tiger, but I believe that one was for Nike). The list goes on and on.

Well, we have another one to add to the pantheon of pathetic parlays into phony promotional put-ons: cricketer Graeme Swan. You see, Swan is an offspinner, from what I can gather means he is the “pitcher” in cricket. So, to demonstrate his considerable skill, Swan takes a couple attempts at knocking a bottlecap off a bottle of Kingfisher beer. Lo and behold, he manages to do it! Sure, his first attempt you see the entire process, from when the ball leaves his hand right through the ball missing the bottle. But on the second try, the camera amazingly stays in a fixed shot right on the bottle, so you only see the result of Swan’s supposed throw. I wonder why they didn’t pan out a bit so we could see it? I also wonder who could benefit from such a video going viral…it couldn’t be…Kingfisher beer, could it? Nah, that doesn’t make any sense at all. What purpose would it serve to dupe a bunch of people into that?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, for some reason, I now have a real hankering for an ice cold bottle of Kingfisher. Yum.

[via The Telegraph]