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Ozzie Guillen Says Nice Things About Wrigley Field, World To End Later Today

The hell? Did I hit my head or get sucked through a wormhole into the Bizarro World or something? Because what I just read makes absolutely no sense: Ozzie Guillen was provided the opportunity to rip Wrigley Field – something he has been more than happy to do in the past – and instead went out of his way to say something complimentary about the decrepit ballpark.

Via the Chicago Tribune:

When asked Wednesday on “Chicago Tribune Live” whether he’s going to bring up the alleged rat problem once again and call Wrigley a dump when the White Sox come to the North Side for Round 2 of the City Series, Guillen replied: “Well, it is.”

But Guillen suddenly turned serious, and began heaping some rare praise on Wrigley.

“When I talk about Wrigley Field, I don’t talk about the Cubs fans, I don’t talk about the players, I don’t talk about the organization,” Guillen said. “I talk about the building.

“There is not a better building to play in from the national anthem to the last out — not one better than that. The people, don’t get me wrong, it’s no good to work at. But as soon as the game starts, it’s one of the best places I’ve ever managed or played at in my career.”

So. Confused. So very, very confused. Peter Gammons doesn’t know what to think. But then again, he rarely does in the first place.

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