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Reuters Cites Kim Catrall As Evidence That Celebrities Are Showing Up At Wimbledon

The caption for the above photo (via Reuters):

Actress Kim Cattrall (TOP C) watches the match between Venus Williams of the U.S. and Kimiko Date-Krumm of Japan on Centre Court at the Wimbledon tennis championships in London June 22, 2011.

Really? Kim Catrall is the best Reuters could do in an article illustrating how celebrities are “wowing” the patrons at the All-England Lawn Tennis Club? Talk about scraping the bottom of the washed-up celebrity barrel, am ir right? Which, coincidentally, is the same phrase Hollywood A-listers now use to describe a regrettable session of coitus with the Sex and the City star. But hey, I loved her in Mannequin, though. But then again, who didn’t?

Celebrities wow Wimbledon fans just like the players [Reuters]