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Whoa, It Had A Slip ‘N Slide? Jared Allen’s Charity Golf Tournament Sounds Awesome

While it is hardly shocking that anything involving Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen would be a tad askew, his second annual Night Ops II charity event and golf tournament held Monday in Scottsdale, Arizona was nevertheless a pretty out there happening: members of the Arizona National Guard in drill sergeant mode taunting golfers on tee boxes, pig roasts between the front and back nines, push ups after poor tee shots and best of all, a 280-foot Slip ‘n Slide which was used to replace the more conventional longest drive portion of the standard golf tournament by having a longest slide contest. Sweet.

But even with these unique components, Allen wanted to make it even crazier, but in the end, thankfully, cooler (and saner) heads prevailed (via azcentral):

Originally we didn’t want to a golf tournament, because everybody does a golf tournament,” Allen said.

“We had all these crazy ideas and focused down to half the course during the day and half the course at night. We just started naming crazy ideas, and this is what came out.”

At one point, Allen wanted to include paintballing in the tournament. If the players came within a certain range of the green, they would become targets of snipers armed with paintball guns. But that seemed like a liability, so they eliminated that aspect.

Whoa. Paintball snipers? Cool idea? Certainly. Incredibly risky endeavor? You better believe it.

But in the end, it was, after all, for charity. The proceeds from the event benefit Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors charity, so I’m sure even if there had been paintball snipers terrorizing the golfers, no one would have cared too much. And even better? Allen has some more unorthodox ideas for next year’s tourney:

“We’re working up toward landing helicopters on the driving range,” he said.

Whoa. Cool.

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