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Buffalo Wild Wings To Save NFL Season With Facebook Petition, Free Chicken Wings

Above is a video from Buffalo Wild Wings (featuring Gus Johnson) decrying the horrible future which will befall all NFL fans if the owners and the players don’t somehow figure out a way to iron out an agreement and ensure that we fans will be getting our Sunday fix of NFL football.

The restaurant chain has started a Facebook page featuring an online petition to “Save Our Season.” The bit? If the lockout ends before July 20th – the date players would report to training camp sans lockout – BW3 will give any person who signed the online petition a coupon for six free chicken wings. Mmmmm….chicken wings.

Via The Huffington Post:

“We live and breathe all sports and so do our guests,” Kathy Benning, Buffalo Wild Wings executive VP, said in a statement. “We keep hearing from our fans how much they want a football season and we want them to know we’re happy not only to serve as their voice, but also to celebrate the return of football and their passion for the game.”

Now, I can be as cynical as they come when it involves promotions like these, but this sounds like a pretty nifty idea, although I wonder why they won’t give out some free chicken wings either way – the chain is going to have a lot of publicity generated for their restaurants with this gambit no matter the outcome. Nevertheless, have at it, NFL fans: sign that petition – you might get some free wings out of it. But if I may, could I make one additional request of Buffalo Wild Wings:

No more of those mind-numbingly stupid commercials. Enough is enough already with those damn ads. Seriously.

Buffalo Wild Wings Tries To Stop NFL Lockout With Free Chicken, Save Our Season Campaign (VIDEO) [The Huffington Post]