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Bryce Harper Abuses The English Language The Same Way He Abuses Eye Black

And by that, I mean the incredibly talented Washington Nationals prospect couldn’t care less about how people view his use of either of them, as evidenced by both his heavy-handed application of eye black as well as the fact he uttered the following commonly used – yet blatantly incorrect – phrases: “could care less.”

Responding to reporters’ questions dealing with the criticism he has received due to an incident earlier this month when he blew a kiss to an opposing pitcher while rounding the bases after a home run, here is what Bryce Harper had to say (via Daily Pitch):

“I could really care less what people say about me,” Harper said Tuesday as he faced the media for almost seven minutes before Tuesday night’s South Atlantic League All-Star game.

GAH! How annoying. Come on, Bryce: it’s “couldn’t care less.” By saying you could care less, it implies that it is possible to care less about what people say about you, which isn’t at all what you intended to articulate.

Here’s a handy chart to help him (and anybody else who makes the same error) remember the proper usage of the phrase:

Okay. That concludes our English lesson for the day. Nevertheless, irregardless of his somewhat inconsequential – yet profoundly irritating – error, the kid’s got talent but that’s a whole nother story. Further, his use of the phrase should have no adverse affect on you’re perceptions of his play. But finding out about Harper’s immense baseball talents is up to you. Their is simply no way around that – its the truth.

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