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(Video) Back And To The Left: Little League Coach Drilled In The Face While Pitching

BLAM-O!!! This is exactly why the – even at this young age – should be pitching in little league, not the adult coaches. What do you mean parents don’t want to sit through 8-hour games because some little brat can’t get the ball over the plate? That’s why you yank the little monster and put in some other kid, dammit. Even better, the public shaming and humiliation builds character. At least that’s what my old coach always told me. The jerk. Now that I think about it, I would have relished the chance to drill that guy in the face with a screaming liner. I guess you could say I’m entirely conflicted about which way I feel about this issue. Hmm….

But hey, look! That guy just got destroyed! He dropped like a bag of dirt. It’s funny, you see, because it didn’t happen to me.

[H/T It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]