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Yikes! Joba Chamberlain’s Arm Post-Tommy John Surgery Looks Pretty Gnarly

Yamma hamma! Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain has been keeping his Twitter followers apprised of all developments following his Tommy John surgery last Thursday, and as you can see, the results of the procedure leaves a person’s arm in not-so-appealing of a condition. Yikes.

The above photo showing the condition of Chamberlain’s arm post surgery after the surgical wrap was removed, along with this one, were both uploaded earlier today via this tweet, but just a few moments ago, Joba uploaded another pic (below), captioned “Done!!”

I dunno, man. I’m no surgeon or rehabilitation specialist, but looking at that contraption on his arm, the word “done” doesn’t immediately come to mind. More like, “How am I going to wipe with this damn thing?” But then again, I’m not ambidextrous, either.

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