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Sigh: The Tom Brady Douchetastic Photo Reality Tour Rages On

Oh, Tom. Why do you insist on torturing Patriots fans so? But hey, at least he has his kid in a Beatles shirt, although I’m fairly confident the hipster doofus that is Tom Brady is somehow attempting to be ironic by doing so.

And can anyone confirm to me the exact moment when Tom Brady morphed into Crosby Braverman (capably portrayed by Dax Shepard) from Parenthood?

Yeah, I watch Parenthood, you got a problem with that? Sure, it lacks the excellence of The Parent ‘Hood, the classic series which starred Robert Townsend and aired during the mid-90s on the WB, but come on, comparing anything to that brilliant show is like critiquing a movie based on its relative quality when compared The Godfather. It shouldn’t be done.

[H/T Barstool Sports]