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Nightmare Fuel

Nightmare Fuel: This Roger Federer Mask Will Haunt Your Dreams

GAH! Sweet mercy and a goodness gracious thrown in there to boot! What in the bloody hell is that thing and who in their right mind thought this was a good idea?

I’ll tell you who: the ad wizards at, who apparently are attempting to capitalize on Wimbledon by selling this certifiably terrifying Roger Federer mask. Heck, it looks not so much like a mask than it resembles how it would look if some psychopath with a scalpel carefully removed the tennis star’s skin right off his skull. Ca-ree-py.

While it’s not so much the mask itself as it is the nightmare fuel ad image with its dead, soulless white eye holes – it looks like one of those spooky kids from Village of the Damned.

The site’s pitch:

Ideal mens fancy dress accessories, our Roger Federer Celebrity Masks are the best masquerade masks for sports lovers. Just pop on your tennis whites, add our Roger Federer Celebrity Mask and you have a simple, comfortable and unique costume for any event! The lightweight masquerade masks are easy to wear and are printed with true-colour, high quality digital print. You may just think these are paper masks, but wait until you check out your party photos or people’s reactions in the street! We have had a huge amount of fun with these and can guarantee a lot of laughs!

Laughs as possible reactions from people in the street? Possibly. Arrest for causing a public disturbance while scaring the hell out of passersby? Most definitely.