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Kim Kardashian To Kris Humphries In Tweet: ‘I’m A Slave For You’

Gross. And stupid. Not as bad as when Kim Kardashian asked Ray J to “Hit Me Baby One More Time” in her “leaked” (get it?) sex tape, but still.

While the tweet, “I’m a slave for you” was immediately preceded by a tweet uploading a photo she took while taking in a Britney Spears concert last night, it nevertheless remains not right. Why? First of all, anytime a person invokes Britney Spears lyrics to profess their eternal adoration and dedication to their luvah, well, it ain’t good. Unless they’re lyrics from “Sometimes”, but that goes without saying. Secondly, it’s “I’m A Slave 4 U.” Get the Prince-styled spelling right, Kim. Ya moron. A guy like Kris Humphries ain’t going to put up with half-witted tweets from his attention whore fiancée that reference titles of 10-year-old pop songs incorrectly. Brett Lockett might, though, but that guy clearly has some issues.

[via @KimKardashian]