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Here Are Some Promo Photos From Peyton And Eli Manning’s New Show, ‘Football Cops’

Deadspin had the goods on this Bad Idea Idea last week, but here are some promotional photos from the Manning Brothers’ first foray into scripted television, The Football Cops. The pics come directly from, um, DirecTV.

Additional photos and a promotional video can be seen here, but I still cannot bring myself to believing that someone green-lighted this and it will actually be a real show. Say it ain’t so, DirecTV. Say it ain’t so. Let this just be some ill-conceived DirecTV commercial and leave it at that. I mean, I could tolerate a marketing concept along those lines, even understand it and find it humorous, but an actual TV show? No way. It’s like the disturbing real world version of Gumbel 2 Gumbel: Beach Justice.

[H/T NY Giants Central]