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The St. Paul Saints Are Holding A ‘Tweeting Wiener’ Party And Everybody’s Invited

Yet another shining example of baseball institutional brilliance. We here at the Sportress – well, actually, just me as I am the only one – have touched upon the madcap antics of our local independent minor league baseball team, the St. Paul Saints, on more than one occasion, but the Mike Veeck-led organization has outdone themselves with their latest promotion, which capitalizes on the current huge political story that takes our attention away from the real issues: Anthony Weiner’s proclivity for posting penis pics, derivatively known as Weinergate.

I’ll allow the Saints’ press release regarding their “National Hot Dog Day With Tweeting Wiener” event. The press release explains (via RandBall):

On Saturday, July 23 the first 1,501 fans 18 and over in attendance will receive a commemorative pair of Tweeting Wiener Boxer Shorts. The boxers will honor National Hot Dog Day with an image on the front of a blue bird taking a photo of a Wiener with his phone.

The state that has received the biggest coverage, of late, for its Wiener’s is New York. Photographic evidence (and police records) show they come in all shapes and sizes, and can be sent across the world via cell phones and the internet. Of course, we’re referring to the Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest held annually on July 4. Two lucky fans will have a chance to win round trip tickets to the July 4, 2012 contest. In order to win, fans can tweet a photo of their best-looking Wieners (from the grill) to @StPaulSaints. Twitter accounts hacked into will be ineligible initially. On July 23, the photos will be shown on the Saints video board and fans will choose a contest Wiener.

During the evening, the Saints will have their very own Tweeting Wiener, as Master of Ceremonies Joe Wiener (seriously, that’s his name) will send out tweets and twit pics during the night from the top of the third base dugout. It is expected that following the game, Saints fans will encourage Wiener to resign.

Ha. Come in all shapes and sizes. Tweeting photos of their best-looking Wieners. Gold. A tip of the cap to you, St. Paul Saints. This is definitely a ballpark promotion that won’t leave fans flaccid. So to speak.

National Hot Dog Day With Tweeting Wiener [Official Site of the St. Paul Saints (via RandBall)]
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