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‘Swing It Like A Boomerang-A-Tang’? The Golf Boys’ ‘Oh Oh Oh’ Video Is Teh Awesome

And the naysayers nayed. But I knew it was going to happen someday. I linked to this absolutely, certifiably, unbelievably awesome video featuring Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson and Hunter Mahan a/k/a The Golf Boys performing their hit single “Oh Oh Oh” in today’s Wake N’ Blog, but I have decided that not giving this spectacle a post of its own would be a grave disservice to not only this blog, but to the interwebs altogether. It’s that good and if by publishing this post one more person sees it during the perusal of the ‘tubes, my work has been down.

Friggin’ brilliant. Exceedingly awesome. Additional generic exclamatory comment. Well done, gents. And best of luck in the U.S. Open, fellas. Swing it like a boomerang-a-tang come around-round wanna hit the top-top OOH-DAH LOLLY LOLLY. Or something. Hells yeah.

[H/T Dogs That Chase Cars]