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In Hindsight, This Tiger Woods Ad From The Post’s Coverage Of 1997 U.S. Open Is Amusing

It’s funny, you see, because back in 1997, we had no idea what kind of whoremonger Tiger Woods would become – or already was – who’s to say? Funny how despite the fact that Tiger isn’t in the field of this year’s U.S. Open, he still manages, albeit through non-conventional means, to horn in on the coverage. Heh. Horn in.

The above ad appeared in The Washington Post‘s U.S. Open preview section in 1997, the last time the Open was held at Congressional Country Club in nearby Bethesda. Yeah right, he doesn’t pick up chicks in his green jacket. While I might concede that he didn’t feel the need to throw on his green jacket to pick up chicks, how much do you want to bet he banged the bejeezus out of a harlot or two while sporting it? There’s more than a decent chance that very scenario played out with some frequency.

[H/T @lindsapple (via D.C. Sports Bog)]