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(Video) Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: ‘Afghan Men Can’t Jump’

Ouch. This is a particularly brutal dunk attempt by a vertical leap-challenged basketball player during a game at Kandahar University in southern Afghanistan. As you can see, his efforts not only came up short, he also hung on the rim and his body’s subsequent momentum caused him to come crashing down in a bone-crunching heap of ill-coordinated humanity.

But back to the title: Afghan Men Can’t Jump. It would be kind of like My Giant-White Men Can’t Jump hybrid buddy film. Can we get Wesley Snipes to sign on to it if I wrote-up a script treatment? Okay, maybe not Wesley, what with him being incarcerated and all, but how about Woody Harrelson? Too blazed on ganja? Okay, how about Billy Crystal? Not interested? Huh. I wouldn’t have wanted him anyway. Excuse me for a moment…

(picks up imaginary phone) “Grace? Could you get Gheorghe Muresan’s agent on the phone for me? Super.”

Ah, that Grace. Great gal. But seriously, imagine it: Muresan’s triumphant return to the silver screen. I can picture him now in Bad Dunking Afghan Man’s role. Now, if that pitch doesn’t drum up some production money in Tinseltown, I don’t know what will. I guess we’ll just have to round out the rest of the cast down the road. Minor issue, I assure you…


[H/T The Dagger]