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Too Darn Cute: Tyke Alters Lyrics To ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ For Canucks Anthem

That’s it: no offense to the Boston Bruins, but after watching this adorable little wee lad utilize the melody to a classic Twisted Sister tune in order to create his own personal Vancouver Canucks anthem, I have no choice but to pull for his favorite team in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday night.

From the proud vlogger parent:

Our 4 year old son has learned a few Classic Rock tunes from Canucks games and composed his own Fan Song in the car today. I missed the first 3 verses before I could pull over and set up the camera to record him, but his creativity still shows!

Awesome. As an aside, this Mini Canucks Fan Man reminds me of another kid who became an internet sensation courtesy of his impromptu – albeit quite entertaining – backseat of a car performance. That’s right: if we could get this kid and theĀ  “David After Dentist” tyke together, man, I’m telling you, we’re talking mucho pageviews, my friends.

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