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LeBron James Takes To His Website, Displays Sense Of Class, Congratulates Mavericks

The text of LeBron’s message, where he congratulates the Dallas Mavericks, thanks his fans, teammates and coaches:

Congratulations Mavericks on the championship

…especially Dirk, J.Kidd, & Terry who have done so much for our league and worked so hard to get here.They deserve all the credit for what they have accomplished.Thank you to all my family, friends and especially the fans for standing by me this year.Miami fans are incredible.A special thank you to my teammates, coaches and Pat Riley and Micky Arison for all of their support.A lot to learn from this year, a lot to build on, and a lot of work to do this summer.

I’ve been hating on LeBron here at the Sportress all season, but I’ll admit that this was a classy maneuver by King James. Finally. It demonstrates a humility not seen from James in, well, perhaps ever.

Good on you, LeBron. Maybe we’ve been wrong about this guy. Maybe he can figure it out after all.