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Sweet Relief: Oklahoma City Thunder’s Nate Robinson Holds Own Public Pee-Pee Party


This is somewhat of an old story given the rapid pace of the modern news cycle, but I would have been remiss if I did not at least briefly address Oklahoma City Thunder guard Nate Robinson getting cited for public urination early Friday morning in a New York City suburb. Via

White Plains police say an officer spotted Robinson urinating on a sidewalk outside a bookstore just before 2 a.m. Friday.

Authorities told reporters that Robinson was taken to police headquarters, issued a summons and ordered to show up in court June 22. The offence normally carries a $50 US fine.

Robinson posted a message on Twitter on Friday saying he made a “silly mistake.” He promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Promised what won’t happen again? Urinating in public or getting caught urinating in public? Because I’m not sure if Robinson is aware of this, but public pee-pee parties can be a risky business. You have to be keenly aware of what is going on around you to ensure that if the po-po come to interrupt your pee-pee, you gotta be able to zip up quickly and move along. Poor form from Robinson on this one.

One last issue to address from the story: was Robinson patronizing said bookstore or did he just happen to have to go right outside of it? If he was a customer, what kind of a bookstore was it? An adult bookstore? Or do they have 24-hour Barnes & Noble locations in White Plains? Just wondering.

UPDATE: Nate Robinson busted AGAIN for public urination, this time in a little place called…Aspen. I dunno, Lloyd. The French are assholes.

Thunder’s Robinson cited for public urination []