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(Video) You Know, For Kids: This Mini Miami Heat Fan May Never Hula Hoop Again

Aw, poor kid. Norville Barnes, had he been a real person and not a character in The Hudsucker Proxy, would not have wanted to see his invention to be a source of confused, hurt feelings of transference. Look, he has his entire hula hooping, Miami Heat-supporting life ahead of him but if LeBron, Dwyane, Chris and company don’t somehow win the next two games over the Dallas Mavericks to win an NBA championship, this wee lad may never be able to look at a hula hoop again, let alone wear a Wade jersey while hula hooping and humming the lines to “Here We Go, Heat, Here We Go!” It’s a sad destiny that awaits this little guy. Crying shame, I tell ya. Maybe, instead of the pathos-inducing presence of a hula hoop, perhaps Hula Hoop Miami Heat Mini Fan can instead turn to the pogo stick for next season’s Finals run for the Heat, which, of course, will inevitably only cause, more heartbreak and disappointment for this tyke. What then? I don’t know, how about one of those Hippity Hop ball thingamajigs.

[via BuzzFeed]