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(Video) Bad Idea Shameful Behaviors: Woman Steals Foul Ball Away From Little Girl

I have no idea when and where this occurred, but since the bottom scroll is showing the outcome of a Twins-Royals game, my guess it occurred last weekend. No matter when it happened, in all my years of either witnessing personally or seeing replays of deplorable actions committed by grown ups at sporting events on the internet, this one takes the cake. The little girl clearly has the ball in her possession…until the greedy broad snatches it right out of her grasp. And even if the girl didn’t have complete control of it? The wench should have relented and let the poor child have the ball anyway. That’s “Responsible & Dignified Fan Behavior 101”: you almost always give a caught ball to a nearby kid. No excuses. But no, this witch had to steal it away from a child so she could show it to her friends, who I hope were supremely embarrassed.

For shame. At least it was captured on video for all eternity so this evil woman can hopefully receive eternal scorn for her despicable actions. As citizens of Internetland, it should be our goal to figure out who this lady is so she can be properly identified and thoroughly shamed. Unbelievable.

[via BuzzFeed]