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MLB Network Analyst Peter Gammons On Wrigley Field: ‘It’s A Dump’

MLB Network’s Peter Gammons might not want to get seats out in the bleachers at Wrigley Field for a Cubs game anytime soon – or ever, for that matter, after he blasted the old ballpark, calling it “a dump” during a radio appearance earlier today on “The Mully and Hanley Show” on WSCR-AM 670.

Via the Chicago Tribune:

“The problem that (Ricketts) has, and the Ricketts family has a serious issue, is they’re going to have to understand it’s not only rebuilding personnel. They got to make that ballpark livable, it’s a dump, Wrigley Field. They’re going to have to spent $200-and-something million on re-renovating Wrigley Field, do what the Boston owners did with Fenway Park. And the investment is far greater than, I think, maybe they realize. That the amount of work that Wrigley Field needs is, there’s a ton of money that has to go into rebuilding that place.”

Ouch. Quite the scathing commentary. Now, being a person who has never been to Wrigley Field, I cannot personally state my opinion one way or the other as to the quality of the old ballpark, but given the fact that Gammons was born and raised in Boston, got his start in the sportswriting business in Beantown and elects to use Fenway Park as a comparison for how an old ballpark can be updated and still retain its charm leaves me somewhat ambivalent as to Gammons’ motivations for hammering on Wrigley. Perhaps his blatant homerism for Boston is rearing its ugly head in his harsh critique of Wrigley. On the other hand, every time Ozzie Guillen goes to Wrigley, he pukes. So there’s that. Maybe the place is a dirty and disgusting dump. Case in point: seagulls, as they do at real garbage dumps, already wreak havoc and lord over the environs within the walls of Wrigley Field.

Then again, maybe that’s part of its charm. Maybe wallowing in abject filth is the new epitome for experiencing a major league baseball game in the lap of luxury. Who am I to say? I’m not one for keeping up with the trends.

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