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David Ortiz Gets Plunked By CC Sabathia, Blames Media For It

Despite the fact that the night ended with an 8-3 victory for the Red Sox over the Yankees to complete a three-game sweep against their heated rivals, Red Sox DH David Ortiz was quite surly with the media after the game. Why? Because he believes it was the media’s fault that he was drilled in the right thigh by a pitch from CC Sabathia during the 4th inning. The game featured four hit batsman, three on the Yankees side, but Ortiz believes reports prior to the game which alluded to the fact that Ortiz has never been hit by a pitch in 160 games against the Yankees might have provided motivation for New York to finally plunk him.

Ortiz’s post game comments (via ESPN Boston):

“You waiting for me?’’ he said. “There will be no questions. Just Big Papi talking, and if you don’t like it, you can get the (expletive) out of here.

“I just want to thank you guys — not all of you, most of you — for the stat today of me not getting hit by the Yankees. I finally got hit. Hope you (expletives) are happy. I’m done.’’

After he made his statement, someone asked Ortiz where the pitch hit him.

“I don’t give an (expletive],’’ he said. “I already got hit. It doesn’t matter. Too late. Have a nice night.’’

Then, as he was walking away, he added: “You guys like to criticize us when we (expletive) up. Criticize yourself now.’’

Yes, media. Criticize yourself…for reporting a statistical oddity that when considered, seems difficult to believe. I’m not sure exactly to which specific report Ortiz is referring, but I saw a graphic on one of the eight editions of SportsCenter yesterday which detailed the interesting factoid.

But getting back to the point: how dare reporters and the media-at-large be so irresponsible and do things like reporting. Shameful. Sure, not as shameful as, say, tauntingly flipping one’s bat after hitting a home run and then, when asked about how the opposing manager taking offense to the act, getting all pissy and insisting that said opposing manager “take it like a man.” But hey, still pretty shameful.

In any event, Big Papi should quit bellyaching about getting hit by a pitch on his thigh. It happens. Sabathia wasn’t headhunting, so he should simmer down a bit. And instead of lashing out at the media for doing their jobs, perhaps he should take his own advice and take it like a man.

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