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Ray Parker, Jr. Once Hit On CBS Sports’ Tim Brando’s Wife Right In Front Of Him

Who ya gonna call? Not Ray Parker, Jr., that’s for sure. Unless you want some smooth soul singer making moves on your wife.

For some reason perhaps only known to him, Tim Brando, who does a little bit of everything at CBS Sports and also serves as host of his own show on Sporting News Radio, elected today to relay a tawdry little story from the Swinging 70s in a blog entry earlier today regarding a chance meeting he had with none other than Ray Parker, Jr. who of course is best known for singing the theme song to Ghostbusters.

The disco era details, via Sporting News Radio:

I was trying to give Wolfman Jack a demo of my radio work in 1978.  My new Bride and I were at the “Midnight Special” while on our honeymoon. While I was talking to the Wolfman…I look over to find Ray Parker JR talking to my wife! Well, she was hot and the only girl “of age” in the place. I cant blame him at all! I married way over my head!

Well, that’s certainly an interesting story. The only thing that would have made Brando’s tale of Ray Parker, Jr. horndoggish ways was for it to receive the “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories” treatment. Cocaine’s a helluva drug. It was the 70s after all, ya dig? I mean, Wolfman Jack? Notorious coke fiend right there.

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