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(Photo) Bad Idea Sports Strategies: Synchronized Cricket

Um, what? Now, I’m no great student of the grand game of cricket, but even a neophyte like myself can realize that teammates trying their best to be in complete synchronicity with each other is probably a bad idea. But what do I know? Maybe I should read the caption to see if it sheds any light on what could have possibly motivated these guys to act in unison:

From left, Matt Prior, Alastair Cook, Graeme Swann and Andrew Strauss of England watched as a shot from Sri Lanka’s Mahela Jayawardene slipped past during the fifth day of the second test match at Lord’s cricket ground in London.

Well, that didn’t help at all. Now I’m even more confused. Fifth day of the second test match? Why do they need five days to test something? Cricket is weird. And to be perfectly honest, the pose these blokes struck resemble me and my college chums when we did our brilliantly choreographed lip-sync performance of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” for the campus talent show. We so deserved to win. Tell me why we didn’t. Tell me why.

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