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Mavericks Fans Do Their Worst With MS Paint For Newspaper’s ‘LeDrawn James’ Bit

I’m not kidding here. According to The Dallas Morning News, the daily that came up with the idea for fans to submit edited photos making fun of LeBron James, these are the “Best LeDrawn James” photos. Seriously? This is the best they could come up with? Don’t they have Photoshop or some other kind of photo editing software in Dallas? These are simply brutal. Even I could have done better than this, and I’m an idiot with no photo editing skills whatsoever.

Here’s what the Morning News asked for:

At the beginning of the NBA Finals, we asked for you to create your best artwork on the canvas of Heat star LeBron James. The following are some of the best submissions we’ve gotten so far.

Artwork? Artwork my ass. No offense to those who submitted these MS Paint atrocities, but these are horrible and sophomoric, and believe you me, I know horrible and sophomoric.

Feel free to peruse after the jump a gallery consisting of what I believe to be the worst of the best of the submissions published by the paper – or the best of the worst, depending on your point of view – of the LeDrawn James photo edits.

Just brutal. Even by internet standards.