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Boston Bar To Vancouver Canucks Fans: Your Kind Ain’t Welcome Here

Well that’s – that’s discrimination! One would think in this modern era that fans of two warring hockey teams vying for Stanley Cup glory could live harmoniously, sit next to each other as they belly up the bar and proceed to get blackout schnockered together.

But sadly, despite all the advancements made in American-Canadian relations over the years, there is one bar on Canal Street in Boston – Hurricane O’Reilly’s (an Irish-named bar in Boston? Get outta here!) – has gone out of its way to put Canucks Crazies on notice that during their time spent infiltrating Beantown during the Stanley Cup Finals, they will have a hard time getting their drink on within its not-so-friendly confines.

Dan Butler, general manager of Hurricane O’Reilly’s, above, created a sign indicating that Canucks fans are not welcome in his drinking establishment. Butler says that not only is the move a sterling example of the “Gotta Support The Team” mentality, it’s also a safety issue, with many drunken brouhahas and fisticuffs already erupting between Canucks fans and Bruins fans at other area bars.

Via the Boston Herald:

“If you’re wearing a Canucks jersey, we won’t let you in,” said Dan Butler, general manager at Hurricane O’Reilly’s. Butler, a Calgary native, said the bar has turned away 20 to 30 Vancouver fans during the first three games of the Stanley Cup finals.

“The bar down the street says, ‘We welcome all fans.’ And we’re like, ‘We don’t,’ ” he said about the friendly attitude at neighboring bar The Fours.

“We’ve had a couple guys come in and take off their jackets, and they had Canucks shirts on. We didn’t kick them out, but we sure let them have it,” Butler said of the good-natured ribbing.

Good-natured ribbing, eh? Yeah, that’s how overt institutional discrimination is always defined by the perpetrators of hate-based crimes against seemingly innocent hockey fans. I mean, can’t we all just get along? Apparently not. Granted, the animosity between the teams has certainly been kicked up a notch and that will always trickle down to the respective fan bases, especially in light of Aaron Rome’s blindside hit on Nathan Horton, which has resulted in both players not being available for the remaining games in the series, Rome via suspension and Horton due to injury. But the proprietors of Hurricane O’Reilly’s would be well-served to over-serve their Canadian visitors, as it has been often said by successful bar owners the world over: Do not judge a person by the color of their jersey, but by the content of their wallets.

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