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Ozzie Guillen Shows Up At Chicago Board Of Trade, ‘No Know Whats Going On’

That makes a lot of us, Mr. Guillen. Chicago White Sox manager made an appearance earlier today – looking quite spiffy, I might add – at the Chicago Board of Trade to take in the sights and sounds of one of the world’s oldest futures and options exchanges. And like most folks, the abject chaos of the scene baffled Guillen, who, in a series of photo uploads stated the following:

  • I’m at chicago board of trade this am wowwwww this is nuts
  • I no know whats going on so I’m just taking pictures hahaha

hahaha. Nuts indeed, Ozzie Guillen. If there’s one person who can make sense out of our country’s incredibly complex and faltering economic system, it’s Ozzie. Just so long as he didn’t actually pay the fine levied upon him by the NHL. That would not bode well for his financial acumen.

[via OzzieGuillen @ yfrog]