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Just So You Know, Jenn Sterger Has Had Her Fill Of Penis…Jokes, Fill Of Penis Jokes

Wow. I almost royally screwed up that headline. If I had left “jokes” out of it, I mean, boy, that sure would have been misleading.

Anyhoo, as the lovely and talented Jenn Sterger begins to try and piece together her shattered professional reputation, which took something of a downturn (a bit of an understatement) due to the entire Brett Favre sexting scandal last year, she has been making the rounds and talking to whomever has been willing to provide her a platform to show everybody the gifts that God gave her state her side of the case.

Recently, as part of her 2011 Career Resurrection Tour, Miss Sterger appeared on ESPN Milwaukee with Jason Wilde and the D-List to address all the rumors and innuendo that she has been subject to over the past year or so, specifically the penis jokes she has been forced to endure due to her unfortunate interactions with the Ol’ Dongslinger (via Sports Radio Interviews):

What are your thoughts on the Good Morning America interview you did? Were you happy with the way it played out?

“To be honest? I was already working for FUEL when I did that. I actually went to them [FUEL] and said ‘Look I feel the need to get this out there. I was to say my piece. I’m tired of being attacked. Quite frankly I reached my penis joke quota for the year. I’m tired of hearing them.

She’s already reached her penis joke quota for the entire calendar year? I mean, having one’s reputation and career ruined is one thing, a reputation and career which was cultivated with photo shoot after photo shoot in which one is in varying stages of undress is one thing, but being completely unable to enjoy a decent dick joke for six months? That’s just cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me. Talk about a flaccidly humorless existence.

Jenn Sterger: “Quite frankly I reached my penis joke quota for the year. I’m tired of hearing them.” [Sports Radio Interviews]