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Here’s A Few More Photos Of Unhinged Mavericks Fans Supporting The Team

What the fungus? Did he, did he have the hair on his head airbrushed? Apparently, Gabriel Rodriguez (photo via) wasn’t going the easy route by simply painting his face like Possibly Crying But Likely Perspiring Mavs Fan I highlighted earlier today. Nope, he had various Dallas Mavericks players painted on his head. Yep. But what’s the deal with the Dirk Nowitzki having a tongue like Gene Simmons? Am I missing something here? It looks like an homage to the Freddy Krueger Tongue Phone scene from A Nightmare On Elm Street. Gross.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, check out this guy:

Via The Dallas Morning News:

Hey, they can wave their signs all they want, nothing is going to dissuade Basketball Head Guy’s steely-eyed focus on the action on the court. That’s commitment, people. And to think, if only he and Comes To Games Dressed As A Basketball Hoop Mavs Fan Guy had gotten together, imagine what could have been accomplished. Disturbing, awkward and potentially dangerous things, obviously.