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Bruins Fans Continue To Humiliate Fanbase With Awful YouTube Music Videos

Note: video contains mild profanity

Sigh. Granted, it’s not as bad as the Ke$ha parody video, but still. Ladies and gentlemen, “GO BRUINS!” a Bruins Rap by White People. Sigh. But who am I to judge and be a hater? It’s not like I’m uploading videos showcasing my considerable rapping skills while simultaneously professing by devotion to a particular sports team. Oh, and you’re welcome for that, by the way.

Lyrics in their entirety can be found on YouTube, but here’s a sample:

we bust out the gate like POW
bringing the heat, you know we never stop
you shakin in your boots, bet you’re scurrd now eh?
you ‘nucks better close up shop

cuz the bruins are in town, baby
ready to kick some ass, shut you down like a pc
crash your party, and rip this s**t up
and this I can guarantee

Shut you down like a pc? What? Sigh.

This video was uploaded on June 4th, which begs the question: they are aware that the Bruins are down to the Canucks two games to zero, right? But I guess given all the time they spent coming up with the dope rhymes, it would have been a crying shame not to unleash them on the masses. Word.

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