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Reggie Bush To Switch Places With A Guy With The Same Name For Reality Show

Isn’t it weird that there are people alive who share the same name? And wouldn’t it be cool if one of them was famous and the other one was not? And ever crazier, how about some brilliant reality show producer came up with an idea where they trade places for a period of time just to see what happens? Yeah, I’m not too impressed with the entire bit either, but CBS has a new reality show coming out called Same Name where the above scenario is played out because, well, reality shows are cheap to produce and no one in Hollywood has any good ideas for scripted, quality television programming. Apparently.

Reports are sketchy, but there have allegedly been sightings of Reggie Bush the Overrated Football Player spending time in Danville, Illinois, hometown of Reggie Bush the Construction Worker. No word on whether Reggie Bush the Construction Worker is overrated at his job. I suppose we’ll have to tune in and see. The show will reportedly air in July.

Via Chicago Breaking Sports:

Bush hasn’t said much about the show or his stop in the city of 32,000 just west of the Indiana line, but the San Diego native did briefly mention it on Twitter.

“In Danville, Illinois shooting a new TV show for CBS,” he wrote late Wednesday night. “Filming and staying with a cool family out here that shares my last name!”

Bush sightings have been hit or miss. The News-Gazette newspaper in nearby Champaign reported that several dozen people, mostly teenagers, waited one day at a local skating rink for a possible Bush stop that never happened. An Internet user posted a blurry photo of a man at a local convenience store claiming it was Bush.

Schlarman High School student Nick Catlin told The News-Gazette that the NFL star lifted weights with the school’s football team. He also said the local Bush is a construction worker.

So, I guess Reggie Bush the Football Player just might get a taste of how the other half lives during his time spent in Danville while Reggie Bush the Construction Worker will see what it is like to live the glamorous life of an NFL football player. It’s a win-win, really and should make for painfully mundane summer television viewing. And better yet, guess who else will be switching places with their same name counterpart for the show? David freaking Hasselhoff. Yep, there’s a guy in Lake Jackson, Texas who is actually named David Hasselhoff, although I’m not sure if he has a saying about being hassled. Jesus, that’s almost as bad as sharing a name with Michael Bolton. And no, I don’t care if it’s an easy reference, I do not celebrate his entire catalog. His or Hasselhoff’s.

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