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Meat Is Murder: Columbus Steakhouse Chain Pulling ‘Jim Tressel Steak’ Off Menu

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, the fallout from Jim Tressel’s forced resignation as head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes takes a sad, gastronomical turn. Columbus, Ohio area restaurant chain Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse will be removing a steak named after Tressel from its menu. The Tressel cut, a 14 ounce New York Strip (which also comes in an 18 oz. version) is served with garlic cloves, mushroom and garlic butter which is then wrapped in a miniature representation of an OSU sweater vest constructed out of an splayed out, marinated red bell pepper. Okay, no vest is involved in the steak’s presentation, but it still sounds mighty tasty. But before you think the Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse is simply pulling the Tressel steak off the menu as some kind of punishment for the coach’s unethical activities, think again: it’s company policy (via The Columbus Dispatch):

Hauck said the name change on the steak is “not a reflection on Jim Tressel.” The change is in keeping with the restaurant’s 20-year tradition of naming the steak after an OSU coach, he said.

“We love Jim Tressel, but he’s no longer the coach,” Hauck said. “We haven’t come up with a name yet, but we are considering naming it after coach Matta. He’s a pretty big name nationally.”

Everything’s coming up Matta! Well, in the end, I guess the chain really had no choice but to change the steak’s name. Tradition is tradition. And it’s not like Tressel will be able to afford to dine at such a quality eating establishment anytime soon, what with his low-paying job as a greeter at Walmart.

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