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It Exists! An Offseason Photo Of Tom Brady Not Looking Like An Effeminate Fancy Boy

When I heard the news that Tom Brady was in the Boston area for a workout with his New England Patriots teammates, I immediately began scouring the interwebs for the next amusing offseason photo of Tom Brady on par with the one capturing his joyful water slide antics. Sadly, none were to be found. But the fact that I could not track down one Tom Brady Fancy Boy photo should be taken as a sign of encouragement for Patriots fans. Perhaps Brady will from this point forward eschew public appearances which inherently cause awkward photo ops due to the quarterback’s insistence on looking all fancy and instead Brady will return his focus to football and hanging out with the guys and not globetrotting with his supermodel wife.

And while Brady does look like an effeminate fancy boy in the above image, he does look like kind of a douche. Which is preferable to the alternative. I guess.

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