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Takin’ It To The Tweets: Oh, Snap, Bill Walton!

When I started reading the great Bill Walton’s tweet from last night, I was all “No way is he going to go there,” but then I finished reading it and then I was all “Oh no he di’int! Man, he did go there! What style, what grace. Tweet it down, Big Man! Tweet. It. Down.” After that I realized that my one-on-one monologue with myself was kind of weird so I decided to let myself go from my imaginary phone conversation with myself, which made me think that the manner in which I was discussing things with myself was probably how Bill Walton lives his life every day. Which is awesome.

Of course, Walton was referring to the fact that former Fab Five member and current scrub Juwan Howard’s presence on the Miami Heat roster. Well, after Miami’s 92-84 win in Game 1 over the Mavericks last night, Howard and his teammates are now 1/4 the way to getting Howard that ring. Without the help of a booster. Which is good. Not awesome like Bill Walton’s inner monologues, but pretty good nonetheless.

[via @The Bill Walton Trip]