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Miami Heat Fan Brazenly Admits On Sign He’s In Violation Of The Cuban Democracy Act

Boy, talk about ballsy. I wouldn’t be surprised if this sign waving Miami Heat fan was rudely awoken last night by an onrush of federal agents storming his home. But I guess when confronted, it is always best to stand firmly in defense of your principles. And if that involves smoking Cuban cigars in violation of the Cuban Democracy Act, a/k/a the United States trade embargo against Cuba, so be it.

On the other hand, is it possible that this guy is threatening to place Dallas Mavericks owner inside his smoker? And then perhaps feed him – probably as some kind of human brisket – to like-minded Heat fans? I suppose that’s possible. Kind of creepy, though. And I’m not sure whether the punishment for smoking an egotistical blowhard is more severe than being in possession of Cuban cigars. Something to think about.

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