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Here’s A Video Of Some Random Canucks Fans Behaving Like Crazed Canuckistanis

I’m no human behaviorist, nor am I a social psychologist who is able to expertly decipher the motivations behind groups of people yelling chants repeatedly in unison, but from what I can ascertain, these Vancouver Canucks fans want their team to “go” somewhere. Where? They do not say. When? No idea. Why? Beats me. “Go Canucks Go!” is all they say. Quite confounding.

While you ruminate what exactly these people are trying to express through their mesmerizing, repetitive and passionate intonations while in some trance-like state of consciousness, do not forget that the Stanley Cup Finals start tonight and will be aired on NBC at 8:00 ET here in the States. In Canada? You guys don’t need me to tell you when the game is on.

Bruins. Canucks. Be there or be square. Enjoy the game, folks. See ya tomorrow.