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Gotta Support The Team (Dental-Style): Redskins Fan Gets Crown With Team Logo

Eww. Gross. And probably a little simple chronic halitosis-ey. Since there is nothing better than holding a photo contest right smack dab in the middle of a contentious lockout to help rouse the passions of fans, the Washington Redskins are holding what they are calling a Redskins Fan Draft Photo Contest. First prize consists of assorted memorabilia, but even better than that, the lucky winner whose display best exemplifies “When Gotta Support the Team Goes Wrong” gets a  lunch date for two with Washington Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen! Just a warning: Allen doesn’t share appetizers, so be sure to order one for yourself. Also, he’s a horrible tipper.

Anyway, courtesy of The Official Washington Redskins Blog (via Mr. Irrelevant) comes this somewhat disturbing image depicting just how far one Redskins fan was willing to go to showcase her love for the team: a Washington Redskins Logo Dental Crown. I bet Rick Reilly would love this fan’s “gum”ption (get it?) if he ever could steal himself away from staring at himself in the mirror while writing another nauseating piece of rehashed drivel he refers to as “columns.”

Here’s what the toothy Redskins fan had to say about her dental art:

I will always be a redskin fan and the permanent crown on my tooth with the Skins logo will make sure everyone knows that I eat and sleep the Skins!! forever!!

Uh, I hate to rain on her parade, but how will everyone know that she “eats and sleeps the Skins!! forever!!”? How many people does she allow to take a gander inside to see her dental crown in the back of her mouth? Does she walk up to people on the street and say, “Hi. My name is so-and-so.” (opens mouth super wide) “Check out my awesome Redskins Logo Dental Crown!” Now, I’m not one well versed in social graces, but my guess is that would come off a bit off putting, especially to strangers. At the same time, perhaps this gal is something of a dental oddity and has one of those flip-top heads from those old Reach toothbrush commercials. That would at least make it a lot easier, although it’s unlikely that’s the case.

[H/T The Official Washington Redskins Blog (via Mr. Irrelevant)]