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(Video) Oklahoma City Thunder Girl Balances Dancing, Earning Law Degree

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. A member of an NBA dance team that’s like, smart and stuff? Now this I gotta see!

Come on, I’m only kidding. A majority of the young women who bust their butts night in, night out entertaining the fans at NBA games courtesy of their considerable booty-shaking abilities have interests, careers, hopes, dreams, etc. that take them far outside the realm of the arena. One such young lady is Kelsey Quillian.

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, this 25-year-old double threat simultaneously cheered on the Thunder while earning her law degree from the University of Oklahoma School of Law.

Via NewsOK:

“I’ve lived here my whole life,” Quillian said. “I really love this place.”

She attended the University of Kansas and was a cheerleader her freshman year. But she gave it up to focus on her studies.

She majored in journalism but added political science as a second major when she realized she wanted to go to law school. A law career always had been in the back of her mind, she said, because her brother and grandfather were both attorneys. She also wanted to help solve problems.

“I like the idea of helping people put their lives back together,” she said.

Video profile of the lovely, brainy and talented Miss Quillian follows.

Girl Power! Best of luck to Miss Quililan as she embarks on her upcoming career in law as well as her future as an Oklahoma City Thunder Girl. Way to buck the stereotypes by showing a woman can be sexy, ambitious, talented and intelligent, all at the same time. She’s truly an inspiration to all the other NBA dance squad gals out there. Except for the stupid ones. They have no chance.

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