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(Video) Canucks Fans Celebrate Stanley Cup Finals Appearance With ‘Lazy Song’ Parody

And that, my friends, makes Weed Against Speed sad. Apparently, doing parodies of this “Lazy Song” um, song, is quite the fad, as evidenced by the amount of videos doing the same that can currently be found on YouTube. And hey, look! Green Men backup dancers!

I suppose I shouldn’t be such a curmudgeon and allow these guys to have their fun: the Canucks haven’t been to the Stanley Cup Finals since 1994, when they lost in seven games to the Mark Messier-led New York Rangers. So, I guess I’ll hold my tongue with this one and let bygones be bygones. Enjoy the Finals, Canucks fans. And enjoy your parody videos of Bruno Mars songs, whoever that guy is. I might reveal myself to be a bit long in the tooth and not hip to what all the kids are listening to these days, but if I’m going to admit I’m a fan of a musician with the last name Mars, I’m going with Chris or Mick. That’s just me. I’m old school like that.