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Danny Granger Has A Rapey Idea On How To Deal With Child Molesters

The sexual abuse of children is an unforgivable, disgusting and a morally reprehensible act, but that really goes without saying. Further, the scum who perpetrate such crimes against the most innocent individuals in our society should be dealt with swiftly and in the harshest way possible, according to the parameters set forth by our criminal justice system. But according to Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger, the system simply does not have a sufficient enough amount of forcible anal rape in prison yards for his bloodthirsty tastes as it relates to brutal justice.

To wit, a series of tweets from Mr. Granger (via The Basketball Jones):

They should throw the molesters in the prison yard with some KY strapped to their chest and tell the inmates to have at em lol… Bet they wouldn’t be molesting anymore children after that lol

lol, indeed, Danny Granger. lol. If there ever has been a more appropriate use of abbreviated internet slang, I haven’t seen it.

One question regarding Granger’s revolutionary and rapey plan: wouldn’t it make more sense, convenience-wise, to have the tube of KY strapped to the molesters’ backs? Just saying.

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