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(Caption) Cricket Players Attempt Planking During Match, Fail Miserably

While I appreciate the fact that Pakistan fielder Umar Akmal and West Indies batsman Carlton Baugh put their differences aside right in the middle of a match to attempt an impromptu display of planking, I nevertheless have no choice but to harshly critique their technique. Now, I know planking is the fad du jour at the moment, their form is terrible.

Granted, balancing oneself on a cricket bat is, as they say in the Cricket world (and any time a Cricket ignoramus tries to discuss the sport), a sticky wicket, it doesn’t excuse them from their poor performance. First of all,  Akmal’s knee is nearly touching the ground. Secondly, Baugh is not providing the requisite support needed to successfully accomplish a Cricket bat planking.

Fail, guys.

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