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Thunder Fan Dons A Wedding Dress (With Net Veil) To Profess Her Love For James Harden

It was once said by a man wiser than I – okay, it was Keith Hernandez in a Just For Men commercial – that a beard can in fact be weird. But apparently now we have learned that not only can a patch of facial hair be strange, a beard can actually inspire weird behavior, as evidenced by this misguided gal’s attempt to lure Oklahoma Thunder guard James Harden into her psychotic web of impending matrimony. There’s no arguing with the fact that Harden’s beard is phenomenal, but this poor lady might want to step back, change her outfit and take a vacation from her problems. Because I would hate to have to break it to her, but her methods at trying to land Mr. Harden are not likely to work. But then again, I’m not a hopeless romantic, something this gal clearly is – the basketball net veil informs us of that personality nugget. I wouldn’t be surprised if her garter is an NBA headband. A white one, of course.

Finally, I have to give her credit for the sign. Killer Quarterflash reference, ma’am.

[H/T The Basketball Jones]