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Takin’ It To The Tweets: Clearly, Tiger Woods Doesn’t Want To Discuss His Injuries

In case you were not paying attention, Tiger Woods is currently dealing with several injuries which are hampering his ability to compete on the PGA Tour. Most recently, Woods has had issues with his Achilles and knee, injuries which forced him to withdraw after only nine holes at the Players Championship a couple of weeks ago and preceded his precipitous drop from the Top 10 rankings for the first time in 14 years.

And when you are Tiger Woods, the spotlight from the media, in particular those who cover the grand game of golf, can often be blinding. And apparently, profoundly annoying, as evidenced by the above tweet from Tiger from only a short time ago as he prepared for his AT&T National press conference at 10:00 ET.

One million dollars, you say? Granted, it’s to his own charity, but that’s a decent chunk of change. I think the press should take him up on it. Further, if Tiger isn’t interested in answering a bunch of questions related to his current spate of injuries, I’m sure the press in attendance could come up with a bevy other topics – some more salacious than others – that they would just love for Tiger to discuss. I guess what I’m getting at is Tiger should be careful what he wishes for as sometimes that can backfire. I only wonder if he would be interested in that line of questioning. My guess is he wouldn’t. On second thought, perhaps Tiger should just be grateful that they want to hear about his injury. You know, as opposed to other tawdry topics. Like whores, whoring, activities related to whore-mongering, past or present and such.