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NFL Players Are So Bored They’re Hanging Out With Beluga Whales Now

When you have nothing better to do and the opportunity presents itself, I guess it makes perfect sense for a bunch of NFL players to let loose and go hang out with some beluga whales at a local aquarium, which obviously made perfect sense to Atlanta Falcons players Kroy Biermann (left) and Curtis Lofton (right) as they spent the day splashing around and playing with some very special whales, under the watch of training specialist Bryan Martin during a preview for the Georgia Aquarium’s Beluga and Friends interactive program. Looks like fun.

But participating in such trivial – while immensely enjoyable – activities has nothing to do with the mind-numbing boredom associated with the NFL lockout, which in now nearly 70 days old, so says Lofton (via the SI):

“You never think you’d be in a tank with belugas,” Lofton said with a smile. “There’s no way, but this is a pretty special day at the Georgia Aquarium. It’s good to make something productive happen. We got in our workout early and now we’re here, so we’re getting stuff done.”

I’m relieved to know that cavorting with Beluga whales has nothing to do with having nothing to do. But here’s one piece of advice to any other NFL players looking to pass the time by making friends with marine animals: stay out of the Orca tank. There is a reason they are called killer whales. Nothing good can come of that, no matter how bored you may or may not be. At the same time, anytime there’s a story about an Atlanta Falcons player’s interactions with animals and it doesn’t involve one of the said animals being maimed or killed, I guess that’s a good thing. Just saying.

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