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David And Victoria Beckham Once Got Busy In Atlanta Airport Bathroom (Maybe)

Alright, I’ll admit it: the headline is nothing but wild conjecture and rumor-mongering. At the same time, it is a distinct possibility now that reports are indicating that the name Atlanta appears to be the front-runner for the name of the Beckham family’s upcoming addition to their brood.

The Sun newspaper in London reported last week that the Beckhams had “shortlisted names, but told very close family that Atlanta was a favorite.”

Having logged many hours jetting between London and Los Angeles, where David Beckham plays for the Galaxy soccer team, the newspaper, citing an unnamed source, said that “David wanted a name that was relevant to their lives during the conception.”

As you know, since like me, you have made it your life’s mission to know everything about David and Victoria, who I have given the celebrity monker, “Dictoria” (it’s catchy), one of their boys has the name Brooklyn and Victoria said in her autobiography that they gave him that name because she learned she was pregnant in that particular New York City borough. Therefore, my theory is that on a layover in Atlanta during their trip from London to Los Angeles, the Beckhams sneaked into a restroom at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Got. It. On. Woo-hoo! Bow-chick-a-bow-wow!

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, the name Atlanta. Well, obviously the great southern city has something to do with the new baby’s conception. Or maybe, like Brooklyn, Victoria learned she was with child while in Atlanta. The airport bathroom angle just makes it a little saucier, a bit naughtier. You know how randy those Brits can be.

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