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Caption: Rain Delay, Gallagher Show, These Three Fans Are Ready For Either One

How many times have you taken a trip to the old ballpark for a baseball game and not only have it rain but to add insult to injury, an impromptu, unscheduled Gallagher comedy show breaks out right in front of you? And there you are, feeling like a complete tool, as you left your hybrid Bumbershoot Built For Three/Sledge-o-Matic Shield back at home. It’s a terrible ordeal and if it has happened to me once, it’s happened to me a thousand times.

But not these three weather savvy individuals – who were well-prepared for the rain delay that occurred last night during the Red Sox-Indians game in Cleveland – and who clearly have seen a Gallagher show or two in their time. You never know when that guy is going to get you with his ginormous hammer-slamming ways. You have to be on full alert at all times.

But one piece of advice, folks, if I may: don’t wrap yourself up too tight in that thing. The risk of suffocation is very real and really dangerous.

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