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Wake N’ Blog: Delaware Road Sign Hacked, Message Altered To Read ‘Live Nudes Ahead’

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• Some wisenheimer hacker circumvented a password protected road sign’s security and made the sign read “Live Nudes Ahead” near a road closure in Greenvile, Delaware. Now that’s a highway, if given the chance, I would want to drive it “all night long.” And that will be the first and only time I’ll reference that awful “Life is a Highway” song by Tom Cochrane. Really, I almost deserve the death penalty for that one. [azcentral]

• Joakim Noah did his best Kobe Bryant impression last night when responding to a taunting fan. Not good. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Ray Lewis thinks crime will increase without an NFL season. [Shutdown Corner]

• An athlete used Twitter for good? That appears to be the case: Brandon Phillips used it to surprise a 14-year-old kid at a Little League baseball game. [Off the Bench]

• Here’s some good news for a change: LAPD has arrested a suspect in the Brian Stow beating case. [Big League Stew]

• Ian Poulter took a bit of a tumble en route to his Volvo World Match Play victory. [Wei Under Par]

• The Japanese sport of Botaoshi is kind of weird. Actually it’s not kind of weird, it’s psychotic  weird. [Midwest Sports Fans]

• Derrick Rose thinks a lot of NBA players are using steroids. I think. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Here’s Cam Newton singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Enough said. [Outside the Boxscore]

• A video of Red Sox fans fighting each other. I see nothing wrong with it. [It’s Always Sunny in Detroit]

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