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(Video) Wayne Rooney’s Son: Likely Disowned After This Sad Display Of Soccer Skills

It was supposed to be a wonderful day. Manchester United was celebrating their 19th Premiere League title on the pitch of Old Trafford with their families when Wayne Rooney’s own son, toddler Kai, completely embarrassed his father by his refusal to boot a ball set right in front of him an inch from the goal line into the net.

Via The Metro:

Never one for patience, Rooney Snr picked up the ankle bitter and smashed the ball into the net himself – much to the relief of Michael Owen, who was desperate for the youngster not to eclipse his own goals tally for the season.

Kai’s choice of kit may have caused some concern among United fans – a ‘sky blue’ number was the jersey of choice…

But then again, if he wasn’t one for controversy, then he wouldn’t be much of a Rooney.

Video follows.

“Kai – you are not my son. You mean nothing to me. Also, I named you Kai, so clearly, I didn’t fancy you much to begin with.”

Moving on, in the story, they refer to the setup as “a sitter,” which apparently means a goal opportunity nearly impossible to miss. In my experiences, refusing to “kick a sitter” usually kept me out of trouble, didn’t get me into it. I was an angry boy.

Wayne Rooney’s baby son Kai misses sitter during Old Trafford celebrations [The Metro]