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Tom Brady Has Played On Slip ‘N Slides, But A Pool Slide? Terrifyingly Exhilarating!

Like I wasn’t going to hop on the comedic gold gravy train bandwagon and at least upload this hilarious photo of Tom Brady having a grand old time on a water slide while he and Gisele were vacationing in Mexico.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is one of those occasions. And one of those words? Awkward.


This is all obviously a brand new experience for Tommy Brady. At least on a Slip-N-Slide, you’re traveling on a moving sheet of water in basically a horizontal trajectory, but this? You’re going downwards, and super duper downwards at that. I mean, look at his face and how he’s holding his arms all fancily akimbo. Sure, Brady is thrilled to be sliding down this super cool pool slide and it’s super neat and all, but in a way, he’s slightly scared. My question is, what is Brady imagining will be at the bottom of the slide when he topples into the pool? Sharks? Lava? Is he worried his hair is going to get wet or will he be able to keep his head and luxurious mane above water? Oh, who cares? Omigod, this is so much fun!

[H/T Just Jared (via Deadspin, where the commenters put on a quite a show with their best captions)]